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CUGN presently offers a library of single courses in many Bible, theological, and ministry-related courses. Use for personal enrichment or transfer.


Credit Hours:     Earn as many credits as you need within this program. Completed course grades will be issued to your official transcript.

Transfer Credits:

    • Although numerous schools accept transfer credit from CUGN, we cannot guarantee that the credits earned will be accepted by your school (unless they are an official collaborating school). To ensure that a course you take through Christian University GlobalNet will be transferrable to your college or seminary, please follow these three steps:

      1. Request the course syllabus and a letter you can present to your registrar (contact us).

      2. Meet with your faculty advisor . Describe the CUGN course you desire to take, and share a copy of the course syllabus. If your faculty advisor approves of the course as part of your overall curriculum, schedule a meeting with your school’s registrar.

      3. Meet with the registrar , presenting the course syllabus, the letter from CUGN, and, if possible, written recommendation from your faculty advisor.


    • CUGN 200-level courses: $40 per course
    • CUGN 300-500 level courses: $200/credit


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