Sponsor a Student

Christian University GlobalNet offers courses to every area on the globe where there is Internet access. However, students in many nations do not have the resources to pay even low tuition rates for biblical education. Many pastors of indigenous churches have only slightly more Bible knowledge than the people they are teaching. They want to be trained so they can preach and teach the Word of God with accuracy and power.

If you have a heart for missions and for training leaders around the world, you might choose to sponsor a student as he/she goes through CUGN’s low-cost educational program. We have established a scholarship program designed specifically for the benefit of Christian leaders in developing nations. If you wish to participate, please follow these easy steps:

1. Decide the amount you would like to give. Costs are given below:

Core 1 self-study courses: $80/credit hour

Old Testament Survey (12 courses):   1/2 credit each
New Testament Survey (12 courses): 1/2 credit each
Biblical Hermeneutics: 2 credits
Divine Encounters: Mapping Your Spiritual Life: 2 credits

Core 2 and Core 3 graduate-level courses: $200/credit hour

2. Make your donation.

You may donate to the International Student Scholarship Program by using the button below. You will be given payment directions and options.

Last modified: Monday, 11 June 2012, 12:57 PM