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Grace Bible College accepts transfer credits from CUGN into several accredited associate's and bachelor's degrees, including their fully online, accredited Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Ministry degree program.  Grace Bible College's teaching emphasizes the integration of biblical truth, ministry experience, and character transformation with the goal of equipping students to serve the needs of church and society.

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Transfer Credits:

  • Save time and money! Grace Bible College accepts transfer from past college credit. Click here to submit an unofficial transcript(s) for review*.

Credit Hours:     Earn up to 18 credits from CUGN toward an associate's degree or 45 credits for a bachelor's degree. Complete remaining credits through Grace Bible College.


  • CUGN 200-level courses: $40 per short course
  • CUGN 400-500 level courses: $200/credit
  • Grace Bible College courses: $395/credit



*By sending your transcripts, you give CUGN staff permission to contact Grace Bible College staff on your behalf for a transcript evaluation.

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