AP Exam

CUGN offers a free, optional Advanced Placement Exam to determine your level of competency for placement into the following programs:

Transfer Credit Eligibility
Program AP Exam Allowed
Certificate in Bible Yes - Earn up to 8 credits
Certificate in Preaching Required
Certificate in Spiritual Direction track No
Certificate in Executive Leadership and Spiritual Formation/CCNL Yes - Earn up to 6 credits
Certificate in Interpersonal Development and Spiritual Formation/CCNL No
Certificate in Theology No
Diploma in Biblical Studies Yes - Earn up to 12 credits
Bachelor's Track - Grace Bible College Yes - Earn up to 16 credits
Bachelor's Track - Crown College No
Master's Track - Grace College Yes
Master's Track - Crown College No

Successful completion of the test, or a portion of it, will allow you to earn your degree in less time and for less money.

Details and Guidelines: 

  • Must complete the exam in one sitting and within one hour. Failure to keep within this time limit will result in forfeiting your results.
  • Exam is closed book, closed internet and closed bible
  • The exam consists of Old and New Testament Bible multiple-choice questions.
  • It is used by hundreds of other schools and thousands of students.
  • The questions have been handpicked from a Christian accreditation body (Association for Biblical Higher Education).
  • One attempt only allowed on this exam. No second chances are permitted. 
  • Log in at your convenience.
  • You must score an 80 percent or better overall to pass the AP exam.
  • Scores under 80 percent will be evaluated by the Registrar’s Office with an option to test out of limited courses.
  • Only students accepted into CUGN’s programs are allowed to complete the exam.

To get started, fill out the general application by clicking here and indicate you desire more information about the "AP Exam". 

NOTE: A student must earn at least 50% of his/her program credits by taking courses through CUGN.  No Certificate or Diploma will be awarded to anyone who wishes to use the AP Exam to test out of more than 50% of the program requirements.

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