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CUGN has entered into an agreement with Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (Penang, MY). By utilizing various resources and by engaging in strategic partnerships, Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) equips men and women to fulfill the task commanded in Ephesians 4:11-13,"Preparing God's people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up and become mature," and in Matthew 28:18-20, "to make disciples of all nations.”

Their goal is to provide quality theological training to church leaders who have a strong sense of calling and a commitment to serving God in the church field. MBTS was established in 1954 in Penang, Malaysia and, in 1989, was fully accredited by the Asia Theological Association. Since then MBTS has developed numerous programs and degree tracks and became a founding member of the Malaysian Association of Theological Schools. 

Their holistic approach to education includes academic excellence, with an emphasis on mentoring, community worship, and hands-on mission field experiences.


Christian University GlobalNet courses are available for credit toward several programs at Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) in two options:


Course Name Credit Hours
OT511 Old Testament Theology I: Pentateuch and Former Prophets 3
OT512 Old Testament Theology II: Latter Prophets and Writings  3
NT504 New Testament Survey: The Gospels/Life of Christ  3
NT508 New Testament Survey: Epistles and Revelation 3
CH505 Survey of Church History  3
ST408 Foundations of Systematic Theology 3
SF507 Foundations of Spiritual Formation I: The Work of the Spirit  1
SF508 Foundations of Spiritual Formation II: The Disciplines of Life 1

The above-listed courses are offered through CUGN in online classrooms. Courses are eight weeks each and offered in four semesters throughout the year. Semester schedules can be found in the Academic Catalog at cugn.org.

Courses listed above are offered at the tuition rate of RM133 per credit hour. 

Ready to get started in an online course?

Interested students must enroll into this program directly through CUGN by filling out the general application form. Under the “program” question, select “Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary Track”. Then submit a valid government i.d.. After registration, students receive welcome instructions by email (within two business days) from admissions@cugn.org. There is no fee associated with the application process.


If students are interested in obtaining MTBS credit for any 500-level or above course in the CUGN catalog of courses, please review our course catalog and contact MBTS. 

MBTS will proctor the course, charge its standard tuition rates, and then issue credit once the course is completed.

Cost for the CUGN course download is RM50.


To review other requirements necessary for you to complete your degree through Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (Penang, Malaysia), go to http://www.mbts.org.my/

In order to successfully complete CUGN courses online, students must have good English language skills and must have dependable internet access.

MBTS has the right to require that certain core courses be repeated and the earned credits of these courses be transferred to elective category. Please contact MBTS for further details. 

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