Christian University GlobalNet Accreditation

The Internet has rapidly expanded options for delivering quality coursework to distance learners around the world. New technologies provide educational opportunities not previously available worldwide. Utilizing the Internet, CUGN has, since 2002, enrolled more than 250,000 students through our companion website,

In 2008, CUGN acquired all of the recorded lectures of more than 70 graduate-level seminary courses taught by recognized scholars on the faculties of accredited seminaries and schools of theology. Those courses, with related study materials and online discussion forums, have been added to the courses that were already being offered by CUGN. 

Through our own programs and through collaboration with accredited colleges and universities (as listed below), CUGN students have the following accredited and non-accredited options available:

Master’s Degree Programs

Crown College:

       Master of Arts in Christian Studies (accredited)
       Master of Arts in International Leadership Studies (accredited)
       Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (accredited)
       Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (accredited)

Grace College & Seminary:
       Master of Arts in Ministry Studies Degree (accredited)

Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary:
       Individualized Master’s Degree programs (accredited)

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Crown College:

       Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (accredited)
       Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry (accredited)
       Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (accredited)
       Bachelor of Science in Disaster and Emergency Management (accredited)
       Bachelor of Science in General/Liberal Studies (accredited)
       Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Counseling (accredited)

Grace Bible College:
       Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Ministry with Emphasis in Business Degree (accredited)
       Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Ministry Degree (accredited)

Compass College: 

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Emphasis in Cinematic and Media Arts) (accredited)

Associate’s Degree Programs

Compass College:

Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) (accredited)

Crown College:
      Associate of Science in Business (accredited)
      Associate of Science in Christian Ministry (accredited)
      Associate of Arts in General Studies (accredited)

Certificate Programs

In addition to the degrees listed above, CUGN offers a certificate programs as follows:
       Certificate in Bible
       Certificate in Theology
       Certificate in Preaching
       Certificate in Spiritual Direction
       Certificate in Interpersonal Development and Spiritual Formation/Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader
       Certificate in Executive Leadership and Spiritual Formation/Credentialed Nonprofit Leader 

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