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About Christian University GlobalNet

Christian University GlobalNet is the academic division of, a part of the RBC Ministries family, publishers of Our Daily Bread. CUGN offers academic programs in the following tracks: Certificate in Bible (16 credits), Diploma in Biblical Studies (36 credits), and a Master of Arts in Religion (60 credits).

Each program is specifically designed for ministry and lay leaders who desire theological training that is more flexible and affordable than what is offered through traditional academic institutions. Leading faculty from a variety of universities and seminaries provide the instruction for all courses in the program.

All programs are fully online and do not include a residency requirement, yet students benefit from the selection of a local mentor to guide them through the spiritual formation and personal application of their study. For more information, see our Curriculum Summary.

CUGN develops and delivers online courses and other digital resources for ministry leaders, lifelong learners of the evangelical Christian faith, as well as churches and parachurch ministries. We contract with the most gifted teachers, professors, authors, and scholars in various disciplines, capture their teaching in digital video or audio, and add interactive elements. This allows learners of a wide range of educational and socio-economic levels to benefit from the best communicators in their respective fields. Our student enrollment for continues to expand, with over 25,000 new enrollments per year.


Christian University GlobalNet® began in 1998 as a major collaborative partnership among the colleges, universities, and seminaries of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. The original vision was simple but challenging—to develop online learning opportunities that provided students with Christ-centered learning anytime, anywhere.

We realized that there was a strong need to provide ministry leaders around the world with a solid biblical education that they could pursue where they live, thus avoiding a move that would disrupt life and ministry. We also realized that the tuition and fees in traditional academic institutions put theological training out of reach for many. As a result, CUGN was one of the first faith-based online learning providers offering Web-based courses and was purposefully designed to help counter the obstacles of relocation and affordability.

You will find more details about our academic programs in our catalog. Please review the information and contact us via phone or email to get started.

CUGN Distinctives

  • Our courses are all rooted in the truths of Scripture.
  • Our faculty consists of renowned scholars from some of the leading seminaries and universities.
  • Our education through the scholarship and teaching of these respected professors is made available to you at a tuition cost that is substantially below that of other seminary programs.
  • Our flexible degree programming ensures that you can focus on your area of interest and need. We offer a number of scheduling options that allow you to take courses at a pace that is adaptable to your life.
  • Our mentoring program provides one-on-one discussion with a local mentor in the Diploma in Biblical Studies program and with an experienced seminary professor with an academic doctoral degree in your area of concentration in the Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) degree program.
  • Our practical ministry orientation in the Master of Arts in Religion degree program includes a curriculum and thesis-project designed by you (in consultation with your scholar-mentor) for specific application in your area of ministry.
  • Our student body is worldwide, allowing you to interact with individuals from around the globe in tailored online study groups.
  • Our academic programs are transformational, with opportunities for application of your studies to life, relationships, ministry, and personal spiritual growth.
  • Our methods utilize the latest technology to provide a media-rich experience that connects to various learning styles.
  • Our vision is to extend the classroom walls to anyone at any time around the world.
  • Our program includes personal interaction with CUGN faculty, with a local mentor, and with an online learning community as we acknowledge the importance of friends, family, and a local church body. This approach helps to take the “distance” out of distance learning.
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