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CUGN Academic Programs
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Please see the CUGN Academic Catalog for more details on the CUGN tuition and fee structure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The catalog also contains contact information for personnel in the CUGN Admissions and Registrar Offices, who can assist you with application documents and course enrollment information prior to paying for any courses.

Certificate in Bible

$40 per course - $960 Total Cost of Certificate Program

Diploma in Biblical Studies

$200 per credit hour - $4,000 Total Cost of Diploma Program (in addition to $960 for Certificate Program above)

Master of Arts in Religion Degree (MAR)

$200 per credit hour - $4,800 Total Cost of MAR (in addition to $4960 for Certificate and Diploma Programs above)

Tuition Payment Process

Core 1 and Core 2 Tuition Payment

When registering for a course in Core 1 and Core 2, you will automatically be directed to the PayPal website for the payment of the course tuition. Once the tuition is paid, you will receive immediate access to the course. This allows you the option of paying for each course individually. If you prefer to pay for the entire Core 1 tuition at once, please proceed to the payment page.

Core 3 Tuition Payment

CUGN requires a minimum of half-time status (four semester hours) for each semester in which you are enrolled in Core 3. This status allows you full access to the entire CUGN academic catalog in addition to ongoing interaction with your scholar-mentor. You will receive password access to the courses selected for you in consultation with your scholar-mentor. At the time of your registration for Core 3, you will be directed to a website for payment of tuition and fees via PayPal.

Application and Other Fees

For application and other miscellaneous fees click below.

Application and Misc. Fees

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