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Academic Resources

The following are just a few of the many academic resources available to students online. If you have discovered a website that is particularly helpful in your research, please let us know so we can add it to this list.

Libraries, Theological
This is a free online seminary library, offered by Northwestern Theological Seminary, containing books, articles, and references.
The titles in this Evangelical Christian Library relate to topics such as apologetics, theology, marriage, women in leadership, domestic violence, creation science, biographies, and Christian living.
This is the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. It has works by the early church fathers; books by authors such as Pink and Chesterton; hymns; commentaries by Albert Barnes, Matthew Henry, John Calvin, Bishop Lightfoot, Alexander MacLaren, and others; and sermons on individual verses and pericopes by Ray Stedman, Philip Schaff, St. Augustine, and many others.
This site features books from the 1800s and early 1900s. Authors include Edersheim, Hislop, Bunyan, Lightfoot, Ginzberg, among others. The site also provides a link to other online libraries.
This site provides readable books from authors such as Barclay, F. F. Bruce, E. W. Bullinger, Rudolf Bultmann, C. H. Dodd, Edward Gibbon, Matthew Henry, Joachim Jeremias, John Knox, Arthur W. Pink, Ray Stedman, John Wesley, and others.
This site offers classic Christian books. It features 984 books online in a wide variety of topics by a wide variety of authors, including a number of good commentaries, lexicons, and other biblical resource books.
This site has a wide range of material including early church fathers, medieval and Reformation authors, and contemporary writers such as Marvin Olasky, John Piper, and R.C. Sproul.

Libraries, General
This virtual secular library is offered by the University of Bristol. This free resource is great for general subjects such as history, philosophy, Jewish studies, archaeology, and history.
This is a resource site that will direct you to free downloadable e-books at linkable sites.
Libravox offers audio books, free or available for purchase. Also included are links to other sites that offer free audio books.
This is a great tool that will link you to US and international libraries and online reading rooms. There are numerous tools offered as well to assist in research on particular topics.
Library of Congress website. Go to “Ask a Librarian” tab for information on topics, online collections, and more.

Biblical Resources
From this site you can get (for the cost of shipping) a Bible software disk that includes four Bible translations, three commentaries, a Spanish Bible, a Greek Bible, Greek and Hebrew lexicons, some classic books on Christian living, among other resources.
This is the American Bible Society website through which you can order many Bible study resources and various versions of the Bible.
At this site you will find a great help called “Ask the Bible.” Simply type in your Bible study question, push the Search button, and wait for a few seconds, after which a list of related articles will be made available to you on the topic you’ve entered. It’s like having your own research assistant! also has an online Bible with accompanying sermon ideas. Caution: This is a promotional site for Logos Bible Software, so you will have to wade through lots of advertising to get to these resources.
This website offers free service for reading and researching the Bible online as well as a number of versions of the Bible in multiple languages. A tutorial is included to help in learning to navigate the user-friendly site.

General Resources
This is not a library, per se, but rather a helpful index to online Christian books on other sites, organized by call number.
This is a nonacademic site, but it offers Bible helps and resources such as devotionals, quotes, blogs, inspirational articles, and commentary on current events.
Again, a nonacademic site, but it offers sermons, videos, newsletters on various topics, op ed articles, and more.
This is the site for hymns and praise songs. Includes lyrics, composer bios, and hymn histories.

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