This Is Our Wild Toro Slot Review

First of all, you may want to avoid this if you are a sensitive person, a social justice warrior, or an animal rights activist. We can talk about Elk Studios’ new album in peace now that the chickens have left the building. The game’s matador emblem, with its sinister grin, and the macho toro character give the impression that they are making fun of bullfighting.

In all candor, this is about average at best. One could potentially win a large number of coins, but free spins are not available. On the one side, the game advertises a bonus game, but delivers an original bonus feature instead. The visuals are pleasant, though a little too cartoony.

To get right down to it, this is a slot machine with a staggering 178 paylines across five reels and four rows. Each wager is valued at 100 coins and can be anything from 20 pence to 100 pounds. Even if there is no progressive jackpot, you still have the chance to win 250,000 coins.

It may be accessed and played on a wide variety of gadgets and computers. There are two playable modes: the standard, non-bonus Normal mode, and the bonus, matador-attacking Toro mode. More on that in a moment.

Make The Toro Go Nuts With Your Help!

At the very least, three matching symbols trigger the spins’ payouts, which begin immediately. The goal is to get a combination of five identical symbols, which can pay out anywhere from 50 times for bronze coins to 60 times for silver coins to 80 times for gold pieces to 200 times for five fans to 300 times for an orange with daggers sticking out of it to 1,000 times for roses. That’s all there is to the regular symbols; then there are the exceptional ones.

The logo features a toro in the wild, as befits its name. The wild toro can stand in for any other icon save the marching wild toro and the blocking matador. Remember that the matador only serves as a barrier if the toro is absent, and that the toro can only move to the left, resulting in an additional re-spin for every step he takes. Also, the matador can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, whereas the toro only appears on reel 5.

Toro, the walking wild, enters the screen on reel five and makes his way to the left, reel after reel, as previously mentioned. Even while there is no “free spins” feature in the traditional sense, you do earn re-spins at each stage. The Jack and the Beanstalk animation by NetENT comes to mind.

We’ve already covered the two game modes: Normal and Bonus. When playing in Bonus mode, you’ll unlock Toro Goes Wild. You’ll need to catch three matadors to activate this potentially profitable bonus. When this happens, you’ll get three spins with sticky matador symbols, allowing you to “catch” additional matadors. Furthermore, one re-spin is added for each extra matador, and the re-spins stop when the counter hits zero or, better yet, when a toro appears.

Here, the toro marches up and down the screen, taking out all matadors in his path and leaving a trail of wilds, much like an expanding wild that can spread in both directions. When the toro finally finishes off the matadors, then the payout will begin. If you receive this function often enough, it’s not a bad bonus.

Closing Statement

Wild Toro is an average slot game from Elk Gaming. Rather than a traditional slot, it seems to be more of a statement about the environment. The novelty of it ensures that it will keep you amused for some time. The payoff might be substantial, but it’s hard to get. The bonus round is fun and could net you a tidy sum, but only if you hit it more frequently than once in a blue moon.

The bonus round is really quick, and the only free spins you receive are three re-spins, thus this complaint can be elaborated upon, much like the wild in this game. It’s not enough to satisfy serious slot gamers, but it’s something.

In sum, this slot machine may not be for everyone due to its rapid pace of play and short bonus features. The return to player percentage of 96.4% is decent, albeit not great, and the visuals are above average. To find a casino that offers this game or one that offers a different skin, look through the list of recently launched slot sites.






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